The January/February issue of Luxe Los Angeles features the Barker Residence. Be on the lookout for your copy on newsstands this month. 
"The story of an old-world hilltop village updated with a modern twist guides a new Montecito Residence." - Christine DeOrio 
(Photography by Manolo Langis)
As a sound studio, Grandmaster Recorders became a hub for chart-topping artists such as David Bowie, Billy Idol, Gwen Stefani, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Wonder, and many more. Today, the legacy building offers unrivaled culinary experiences in the heart of Hollywood. The three-story dining venue is the newest and grandest project from the team behind E.P. & L.P. and Strings Of Life, the Botanical Hospitality Group.
"It’s all something to behold, especially the Cahuenga-side entry, lined with glam and gold-filled tributes to the history behind the building, complete with commemorative albums from artists who recorded there." - Mona Holmes, Eater Los Angeles (December 8, 2021)
Abramson Architects is proud to have helped bring this -worthy space to life.  Click Here to read more.
(Photography by Wonho Frank Lee)
As Culver City's PLATFORM design district nears its five-year anniversary... the innovative retailer is still making headlines. Recently Vogue Business reported on the evolution of Platform's transformational retail concept. Christina Binkley recently took a look at the Runyon Group's forward-thinking partnership model in her article for Vogue Business. 
"Culver City’s Platform offers lessons for retailers as they plan for a post-pandemic landscape... The entire development is targeted to appeal to the trendy upscale local neighborhood, which is heavily populated by film, television, and tech employees who are keenly interested in all things style from food to fashion." Click Here to read more.
Featured on Interior Design Homes, this contemporary house was a collaboration between Abramson Architects, Magni Kalman Design, and MODAA Construction The story goes back at least 15 years when Trevor Abramson and James Magni renovated the client's former home. Trevor and the owner, both South African-born transplants to Los Angeles, had met  "through the grapevine".
The two-phased renovation focused on creating a more open ground-level configuration while adding a second level volume housing a luxurious bed-bath-office suite. "Step through that louvred, Douglas fir entry door for a delightful surprise. An expansive courtyard stands as the literal and figurative heart of the house as well as the renovation’s linchpin."

How have these unprecedented times changed your daily routine? If you had the opportunity to rethink how you live, what impact would that have on the spaces you currently inhabit?


These were the central questions asked by Abramson Architects’ Residential Studio in response to “stay-at-home” mandates aimed at flattening the curve of Covid-19. The sudden and drastic change to our collective daily routines has solidified the need to adjust traditional models of “home” to better support the myriad of functions required by our modern-day shelters.


Our residential team’s initial survey identified several common themes required for a successful “Home-Work-Home” environment. The four most critical elements for a prototypical future home include:


  • Built-in safe-guards and sanitation protocols
  • Visible wellness-focused elements such as natural light and ventilation
  • Biophilic designs which incorporate plants and nature
  • Separation, but not isolation, between work/study and living areas


THE PROTOTYPE: The initial conceptual design we have created for the Home-Work-Home is 2,500 sqft on a 50’ x 100’ lot.  The flexible layout is based on a family of five with two working adults and three school-aged children. It makes efficient use of every available square foot, inside and out.


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Abramson Architects Offers Rapidly Implementable Ideas for the Post-Pandemic Workplace


As architects and designers, we are constantly adapting to transformations in environment, culture and technology and we pride ourselves in our ability to craft designs that endure these constant shifts. The changes we have seen over the two months, however, have been unlike anything we have ever experienced in both suddenness and scale.


While employees are just getting settled into the work from home environment thanks to widespread “stay-at-home” orders, the C-Suite and other leadership groups are tackling the delicate challenge of transitioning their staff back to the workplace. In the healthcare market, we realize there may be a serious case for discontinuing agile desk configurations due to the increased potential for disease transmission in these settings. Conversely, many of the creative offices and technology companies we partner with have expressed that they plan to leverage their remote working infrastructures while they seek more reliable long-term solutions for face-to-face connections. These companies typically had a 50-60% rate of remote working, even prior to the pandemic-driven requirements.


We in California are looking ahead to how this impacts the reopening of non-essential facilities and creative offices, such as architectural firms. As such, we wanted to share some of the ideas we have been discussing with our clients over the past few weeks.  Most of the following suggestions can be implemented quickly and inexpensively to better prepare your offices, and employees, for their return to “Business as (UN)Usual”.


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On Saturday, January 25, 2020, Abramson Architects' "Sapire Residence" was awarded one of the AIA’s San Fernando’s highest honors. In presenting the Honor Award for Residential Architecture, the AIA-SFV offered the following statement, “The level of the project extends well beyond local and regional success. And is well-deserving of the honor award bestowed by the jury.”


The Sapire Residence (aka The Palisades House) is a large, but informal, home that has been woven into the topography of the client’s dramatically sloping 2-acre site. The jury noted that, “The architect successfully balanced a 17,000 square foot home by terracing and breaking up the masses.” Other contributing factors include the use of simple materials and the home’s beautiful siting.


Click Here to Download our Winning Award Submission.

Featured in CA Home + Design’s Anniversary Issue, the 1980’s-built home had quite a history. The clients purchased a 11,000 sq ft home that they liked, but knew would need major work. Low ceilings, dark interiors, and a lack of character exacerbated the effects of the home’s inefficient floor plan.
Thoughtful architectural moves and a highly curated interior design transform the dimly lit maze of rooms into an “energized” interior with an organic flow inside and out. Working with Erin Martin (Interior Design) and Scott Schrader (Landscape Designer), the stunning landscape design and courtyard garden now connects seamlessly to the living areas. 
“Throughout the house, a preponderance of light—coaxed inside by new openings inset with steel-framed windows—is balanced by a mixture of contemporary and antique pieces carved in dark wood that evoke the family’s South American roots.”
A new book by Boyce Thompson explores domestic architecture in the era of climate change. Abramson Architects’ “Wyoming Residence” is featured along with other examples homes designed to withstand the growing threat of hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, landslides, and other natural disasters.
For the Wyoming Residence, the homeowner’s desire for an energy efficient vacation home requiring little maintenance dovetailed perfectly into the fire-safety requirements for Jackson Hole.
Based on the homes location in former “wildlands”, additional protections were needed to counteract wildfires which can reach peak temperatures within seconds. All of this was accomplished without sacrificing home’s aesthetics or its inhabitants’ views of the bucolic setting.
Abramson Architects teamed up with local Los Angeles filmmaker/editor, Michael Wolfe, to submit a short for the 2019 AIA Film Challenge.  
The fifth annual contest highlights ways architects have collaborated with civic leaders to build resilient and sustainable communities. Our 2019 submission focuses on our efforts as a mid-size architecture firm to "Bridge the Gap" between the current built environment and the community needs.
In addition to the short film, featured here, we've also created a series of "takeaway" videos from our June 19th event aimed at bringing together local residents with the architecture and engineering community. These can be found on our Facebook page
"Technicolor Drip” is the official name of the iconic Jen Stark mural adorning the PLATFORM Design District's Washington Arts structure. The psychedelic 45 x 65 foot permanent installation is a focal point for the highly curated Culver City design district, ensuring visitors experience “a rainbow every day”.
Trends Magazine recently featured this short video of Jen during the creation of the visually striking installation. 
Hillel 818, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, serves over 6,500 Jewish students from CSU Northridge (CSUN), Pierce College, and LA Valley College. Despite their location in an outdated 1940’s building, the center provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for over 6,500 students. Abramson Architects’ contemporary design focuses on updating security and upgrading infrastructure while also capitalizing on the opportunity to enhance user comfort and improve the operational efficiency to better serve future programs. 
DS Honda Construction is beginning Phase I, consisting primarily of the interior remodel of the social hall, courtyard, and office spaces. Phase II will consist of strategically placed additions, the majority of which will create a new consolidated entry/lobby lounge. This will be the first major modernization of Hillel 818 since the building was converted from a fraternity house to a student center in the mid-1980’s.
The project was recently featured in the San Fernando Business Journal’s October 14, 2019 Real Estate Section:
Security Looms Large for CSUN’s Jewish Center
On Tuesday, November 5th 2019, Trevor Abramson will be joining representatives from Hackman Capital, Cambridge Pacific Ventures, and KPRS Construction Services on a panel entitled “Game Changing Downtown Culver City Developments: Everything You Need to Know About Notable Projects.”
Of the two dozen local projects Trevor’s firm has completed in Culver City, the most notable is Runyon Group’s 220,000 sqft flagship PLATFORM Complex. The project converted a blighted area into an eclectic development heralded by Fast Company as “The LA Mall that’s Defying the Retail Apocalypse”. The successful introduction of this curated design district helped usher in the current major construction projects in Downtown Culver City.
The discussion is a part of BisNow’s “Culver City State of the Market” and will bring together developers, architects, and contractors for other major projects including the Culver Steps, Culver Studios, Culver City Creative, The Entrada, and Access Culver City. Additional sessions during the premier event include “Navigating Culver’s Boom” and “Maintaining Culver Charm”.
We are proud to announce that firm principals David Pascu, Björn Schrader, and Marco Marraccini have been elevated to Partners. David, Bjorn, and Marco have been instrumental in the firm’s purposeful growth.
David’s focus on advancing the architectural details shines through in his delivery of both custom single family homes and multi-family housing.
Bjorn’s modernist approach and desire to shape his own surroundings lends itself to projects requiring both high design and “speed-to-market”.
Marco’s passion for community-centered architecture help him to navigate multiple stakeholders in building consensus for design solutions.
Architects Sasha Monge and Dror Ram, Research Director Ryan Novi, and Senior Interior Designer Kate Balfour have been elevated to Associate.
Join us in Congratulating the new Partners and Associates. These individuals embody the spirit of Abramson Architects by bringing a rare human touch to an increasingly corporate landscape.
On September 5, 2019 Abramson Architects joined a select few of Los Angeles’ top architecture and design firms in displaying their one-of-a-kind cat condos at Herman Miller LA Showroom. After the event, the dozen luxury modern cat houses were put up for auction along with hand-painted cat bowls from feline-loving celebrities such as William Shatner, Kristen Bell, and Clint Eastwood.
This unique event benefits the LA-based non-profit, FixNation, which provides free spay/neuter services for homeless cats (stray, abandoned and feral felines). 
For their third year in the charitable event, the team created a piece entitled, “CatCube: A Meow-dular Dwelling”. The flexible system uses magnets to link the parts together, allowing pet owners to configure the number and type of units that best suit their cat’s needs. The single modular design was split into two cat houses for the purpose of the auction and has been featured in the following international architectural publications.  

"11 Architectural Cat Shelters”


Architectural Digest
"Last Week, the L.A. Design World Was Buzzing About … Cat Condos"


Fast Company
"These Cat Houses are Nicer than Human Houses. We're Not Event Joking"


"Architects and Designers Build Shelters for Homeless Cats"

Abramson Architects continues to explore how designers “Bridge the Gap” between the built environment and community needs. In this series of three videos, they offer helpful takeaways and insights from the speakers and attendees of their June 19th event on "Biking in LA".
PART 1 - Advancing the Conversation
PART 2 - Creating a Culture Shift
PART 3 - What Drives You to Cycle

For the past 19 years, the Healthcare Design Showcase has been published to exemplify the best design and architecture in the healthcare industry. The Schwartz Aesthetic Institute is one of 42 projects chosen for the 2019 Edition based on the criteria of innovation, collaboration, aesthetics, and functionality/operational performance. 




While relocating their practice, formerly known as the Schwartz Medical Offices, the owners recognized an opportunity to create a glamorous space reflective of the meticulous eye for detail and attention to artistry exhibited by Dr. Schwartz and his staff. Every part of the design was a joint effort between the design team, consultants, vendors, fabricators, and client stakeholders. Read more here. 

From June 20-23, 2019 the Los Angeles Design Festival honors the city’s rich design culture and diversity of talent. ATA is participating in two events during this citywide celebration of creativity.

PANEL: “BIKING in LA: BRIDGING THE GAP” June 19, 2019 | ATA | 8924 Lindblade St, Culver City
5PM: Office Tour & Social Hour | 6PM: Panel and Q&A

ATA is kicking off this year’s celebration with a pre-festival panel discussion and office tour on June 19th. The panel features experts in the field of design, advocacy, community engagement, wellness, and urban planning to discuss both short and long term strategies for creating a more accessible and interconnected city.

Confirmed Panelists:

Trevor Abramson, FAIA
Design Principal, Abramson Teiger Architects

Greg Laemmle
Laemmle Theaters, The Laemmle Foundation, and the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition Member

Kelton Wright
Author of the City Cycling Guide: Los Angeles and Vertical Director of Movement & Sports for Headspace 

Andrew Ross, PE
Civil Engineer, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works

June 20, 2019 - June 23, 2019 | ROW DTLA Market Row | 777 Alameda Street, Los Angeles


PARK is one of the winning submission from this year’s Los Angeles Design Festival Installation Competition. The playful exploration features a pavilion, designed by ATA Project Manager Adham el Ghatit, and brings together plants and shade under a timber framed space to create a small urban park.

You can check out Adham's installation at the ROW DTLA between June 20-23. The installation is free and open to the public.

For ROCA USA’s new campaign Interior Designers Kate Balfour and Sara Cecil camped out at the ATA-designed Platform Complex to help kick off the Los Angeles leg of ROCA’s storytelling journey.


In keeping with the theme of “What is Design”, Kate and Sara discuss why they create places for connection and how they approach the delicate balance between trendy and timeless.

Click Here for the full profile:


“People are drawn to spaces that are well designed. They might not realize it’s the design of the place that makes them feel so good but at the end of the day, it really matters.” -Kate Balfour, Senior Interior Designer, ATA.


“When we’re designing in California, being able to bring the local flavor into the aesthetic is really important.” -Sara Cecil, Interior Designer, ATA.


Geared at attracting tech industry tenants, Synapse has done exactly that. Scopely, an interactive entertainment company, will relocate from their current location to 8888 Washington in 2020. The mobile games maker will more than double their currently footprint after they take residence in their new state-of-the-art headquarters.

The angular geometry of Synapse’s glossy white exterior membrane, made from custom molded glass fiber reinforced panels, gives the 92,000 sq ft creative office complex a sense of movement and purpose. Electricity and network bandwidth are sized to accommodate the high demand a user such as Scopely requires and are further supported by true fiber redundancy.

Synapse is the second phase of the ATA-designed Platform mixed-use complex which transformed an abandoned used-car dealership and former railroad station into a lively hub of fashion, art, and culinary talent. Synapse continues where Platform left off by fulfilling the promise of a pedestrian friendly public realm connecting the busy Culver City Metro stop and the city’s rapidly growing Downtown.

LA Times
‘Star Trek’ game maker Scopely lands lease in new Culver City office building

Urbanize LA
This Week's Leases: Video Game Maker Expands in Culver City

Gaming Company Scopely Expands Headquarters In Culver City 

The Hollywood Reporter
Scopely More Than Doubles Footprint with Major Culver City Expansion

Pocket Gamer
Scopely’s recent success is bringing the publisher a new Culver City headquarters

Venture Beat
Scopely expands headquarters in Culver City in L.A.

L.A. Biz
Scopely to expand headquarters in Culver City

Los Angeles Daily News
Interactive gaming company to lease another 60,000 square feet in Culver City: The company likes adventure, so dogs are welcome at work and snacks are free.

Connect California: Commercial Real Estate News
Scopely to Expand HQ at Runyon’s Platform in Culver City

Culver City Observer
Scopely to Expand Headquarters in Culver City.

In a recent  Design LA Magazine article entitled “Culver City Now”,  Michael Webb explores the history and future state of this rapidly growing community. The LA Times' quarterly publication examines how the city is dealing with a billion dollars of new construction while continuing their legacy of smart, forward-looking development.  Two Abramson Teiger Architects projects were featured in the discussion about how enlightened civic planning is transforming the community.



The Platform converted an abandoned and blighted area into an eclectic retail, restaurant and creative office development. It ATA’s intent to preserve the site’s rich history by repurposing several existing buildings and celebrating these previous operations through the art of architecture.



The Synapse is a mixed-use office structure which celebrates the tech industry’s ability to share complex concepts and ideas through elegantly interconnected networks. The creative office’s design is a biomorphic representation of the rapid electro-chemical signaling mechanisms occurring in our neural networks.



Other completed Culver City projects, not listed in the article, include Keslow Camera’s collaborative office, the artfully design Hackman Garage, and two facilities for Cedars-Sinai Medical System. ATA is also designing multiple projects in the booming Hayden Track along with the new “Brick and Machine” development set to bring 85,000 sq ft of office and retail space to Downtown Culver City.


Celebrating smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design, this year’s International Design Awards (IDA) jury bestowed Abramson Teiger Architect’s LALA Bridge with the Gold Award in the Architecture Category for “Arches, Bridges, Viaducts, and Gateways”. The iconic structure offers a solution to the current bike path’s lengthy detour around the Marina. The pathway is a five percent sloped spiral ramp that is nestled within a latticed shell structure. It was generated by lofting two rotated ellipses along an arch. The monumental bases contribute to the spatial and social experience by becoming an occupiable event space.


In addition to the IDA Award, LALA Bridge has also recently been honored by the BSA/AIA (Boston Society of Architecture). The concept was originally conceived to start a discussion on ways the broken pathway could be made whole. In keeping with their desire to leverage old schools of thought with the boldness of new, ATA continues to explore this topic.


Interior Design Magazine released the findings of their first ever PowerGrid LA survey in 2019, after having focused on New York for the last two years. Abramson Teiger Architects (ATA) ranked 23 on their list of Top 50 Architectural Firms in Los Angeles, a reflection of the firm’s ability to preserve constant design themes that reflect their Southern California roots while remaining inventive and progressive.


Interior Design Magazine’s ranking is based on ATA’s local development portfolio within downtown L.A., Arts District, Culver City, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Long Beach, and Pasadena. ATA’s relevant work includes several local projects such as Third and Traction, a conversion of underused structures in Downton LA into a mixed-use complex that exudes the neighborhood's vitality, and The Union at Sunset, the transformation of a previously introverted site into a vibrant gathering place connected by a network of outdoor terraces. The Los Angeles Premium Outlets (Abramson Teiger Architects, Design Architect with DLR Group, Executive Architect) also made the list as the 17th largest On-the-Boards Development project.


Javier Gil Vieco, architect and photographer for Abramson Teiger Architects, was recognized on February 12, 2019 at the AIA-Los Angeles’ Architectural Photography Awards Ceremony. His submission, entitled “Glowing Profile”, received the following comments from the Jury:


“This one I absolutely loved. It is so minimal. It’s so confusing. It renders architecture as a body. You don’t know if it’s on its side, if it’s a landscape, or what the sky is doing. It just feels sort of sensual in a way that I don’t normally see architecture in a photograph.”


The purely playful composition achieved by this exercise reflects the importance of composition in Javier’s photographic work.


“Architecture is a great subject to create suggestive abstract compositions like this one,” said Javier during his acceptance speech at the Schindler House/MAK Center in Los Angeles.


“The materiality of buildings and its elements, the different textures, and contrasts between light and shade, all add up to enrich photographs in a very unique way, which makes architecture photography so special.”

Amongst one of the most competitive awards programs in the United States, AIA|BSA Design Awards - Boston Society of Architects honor excellence in architecture. Abramson Teiger Architects is proud to announce that the BSA recognized the LALA Gateway Bridge with its 2018 BSA Unbuilt Architecture and Design Citation Award.


A few of the Jury comments:

The bridge, because of its scale, becomes a monument to Marina Del Ray and Los Angeles. The curling ramp was thought of as an outdoor LA Guggenheim. One juror considered this bridge “so LA;” ...an appropriate and compelling design for a bridge in LA.
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Abramson Teiger Architects contributes the 4, 500 sq ft award winning Lima Residence of Calabasas, CA  For full details go to https://www.architravel.com/news/lima-residence-by-abramson-teiger-architects/

Abramson Teiger Architects contributes a modern renovation to the Religious Places, TEMPLE ISRAEL of Long Beach, CA  For full details go to https://www.architravel.com/architravel/building/temple-israel/

Abramson Teiger Architects collaborates with ArchiTravel and contributes one of their award winning residence.  For full details go to https://www.architravel.com/news/kelly-residence-by-abramson-teiger-architects/

Abramson Teiger Architects contributes the First Presbyterian Church of Encino, CA featured in the RELIGIOUS PLACES section of ArchiTravels online architectural guide.  Full details go to https://www.architravel.com/architravel/building/first-presbyterian-church/


ATA's PLATFORM is featured in the Commercial | Retail | Urban section of ArchiTravel guide. Full details, go to https://www.architravel.com/architravel/building/platform/

ArchiTravel highlights ATA's Sinnott residence.  An Iconic Angular Home with Timeless Attraction.  To view the full article...https://www.architravel.com/architravel/building/sinnott-residence/


Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine is the “essential source for those with a passion for creating beautiful surroundings and living well.” The team at ATA is proud to see Trevor Abramson, FAIA featured in the publication’s ‘Eye on Design 2018’ compendium on regional style.

The John S Bolles, FAIA Fellowship honors outgoing board members of the American Institute of Architects for their contributions to the profession of architecture. Initiated in 1997 in honor of the first AIACC president, architect John S. Bolles, FAIA, the 2017 award was presented to ATA's Douglas Teiger, AIA.
Amongst the most prestigious and competitive awards programs in the United States, the annual American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Design Awards honor excellence in architecture. Abramson Teiger Architects is proud to announce that the AIA|LA jury recognized the Platform, a retail, restaurant and workplace development, with its 2017 Los Angeles Design Award. Go to project
The Urban Land Institute is a global nonprofit education and research institute with a mission to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in sustaining and creating thriving communities worldwide. At its Fall Meeting on October 23, 2017, ATA’s Trevor Abramson and Björn Schrader presented the Platform, a retail, restaurant and workplace development in Culver City. The ULI’s Fall Meeting attracts over 6,000 attendees each year.
We are excited to share our latest creative office design for Octagon - a global sports marketing and talent agency. We believe that branding goes beyond a logo and a handful of colors. It is an experience that must be felt immediately upon entering a space. For this client, we implemented materials found in sporting venues and equipment such as textured leathers, metal mesh, and glossy wood to brand the space without being too literal. Go to project
Having previously designed multiple office locations for Huge, the team at Abramson Teiger Architects aimed to apply the company’s core values to a space that was uniquely Atlanta. Visibility and community are important factors in a Huge workplace. The designers implemented alternative working spaces amongst open seating and glass enclosed environments. Go to project
AIA Los Angeles will host the second annual Design for Dignity conference to focus on solutions to address homelessness and housing affordability in the changing LA market. As president of the AIA LA, Douglas Teiger will serve as a keynote speaker at the event. The event will be held on July 14th from 8 AM to 3 PM at the McCarty Memorial Christian Church.
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We are honored to accept another recognition for our work at PLATFORM, a retail, restaurant and workplace development in Culver City. The Los Angeles Business Council hosts their annual architectural awards, this year celebrating projects that embrace cutting-edge green design and smart transportation systems. “Los Angeles is where art, culture and commerce come together — and the Architectural Awards help us celebrate what L.A. offers to the world,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “This event helps strengthen cultural and economic ties with our international partners, and I thank the Los Angeles Business Council for making it possible.” Go to project
Douglas Teiger, Managing Partner at Abramson Teiger Architects, will serve as a keynote speaker at this year's AIACC AEP Summit. He will discuss spiritual psychology in architecture and designing for the human experience. The event will be held at Herman Miller in Culver City, followed by a tour of our Platform project.
Congratulations to the design team for their work on Platform, a retail, restaurant and workplace development in Culver City. The project was selected by a jury of industry peers for demonstrating excellence in city making and community building. Go to project
A jury of architects, restaurateurs and design writers have chosen eleven finalists from projects across the country for the American Institute of Architects LA Restaurant Awards. Now we need your support to win the People’s Choice Award! Simply click on the link below to be directed to the voting page.

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The second ATA-designed Mainland Poke shop is now open in Marina del Rey. The design team continued their signature look for the fast-casual brand that was originally established in the Glendale location.
Custom Furniture
The poke brand’s signature blue color is seen in the mixed material seating that was custom designed for the client.
Wood Accent Wall
A wood accent wall was designed to mimic fish scales for a perfectly on-brand textural element.
Bisnow’s Big West Coast Retail Event is happening in Los Angeles at the end of March. Real estate developers and designers will join top brand executives for a day of presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities focused on the future of the retail industry in a changing market. ATA's Design Principal, Trevor Abramson, will be moderating a panel of industry experts on the topic Leasing Trends Outlook.

Event Details
Tuesday March 28, 2017
10:05AM - 10:50AM | Leasing Trends Outlook Panel
Additional events will be held from 8:00AM - 3:00PM

Sheraton Downtown LA
711 S Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA

Click here to register
A selection of LA based architects have been invited by The Los Angeles Headquarters Association to take part in a discussion and showcase of ‘on the boards’ projects from across the region. As President of the American Institute of Architects in LA, ATA’s Douglas Teiger will be moderating the event.

Event Details
Thursday March 23, 2017
5:00 PM | Networking
6:00PM – 7:00PM | Program

California Club
538 S Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA

Click here to register
Congratulations to our Managing Principal, Douglas Teiger, who has recently been elected as the 2017 President of the American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Chapter. You can read about his initiatives for his term year in his announcement letter by clicking below.

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Abramson Teiger Architects is excited to announce their latest magazine feature for the Wyoming Residence. Trends Ideas Magazine wrote a beautiful tribute which was published both on their print and digital platforms, which can be read by clicking below.

“As we become increasingly aware of the negative effects our actions can have on our world, many of us are responding by want-ing homes that ‘sit lightly on the land’. It’s a phrase that can encompass a number of different aspects – and many of those were integral to the design of this new home by Abramson Teiger Architects.” – Trends Ideas

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The AIA San Fernando Valley Chapter held its annual awards that recognize design excellence. Three of ATA's projects were chosen as winners.

Platform - Citation Award Go to project
Cohen Residence - Honor Award Go to project
Glenhaven Residence - Merit Award Go to project
Janice Francois, Director of Interiors at ATA, offers tips on unique hardware upgrades for any space of the home.  Her picks can be found alongside those of other prominent interior designers on the popular website My Domaine.

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Abramson Teiger Architects is proud to report the continued success of the firm's Interior Design department. The team has just received an award from BUILD News which recognizes ATA as the Best Interior Design Studio in California. The 2017 Interior Design Awards honor excellence in design in both commercial and residential interiors.
“The firm utilized poke bowls’ aquatic origin—a poke bowl is a dish of cubed fresh fish served over rice and topped with an assortment of flavorful toppings—and the traditional fish markets where one might go to acquire their ingredients, as inspiration.
A decorative pattern comprised of variously recessed wooden blocks lines a main interior wall, while tessellated white tiles reminiscent of fish scales wrap the separate food preparation area. Design Principal Trevor Abramson explained, ‘The white tiles and wood talk to materials found in a traditional fish market and are a perfect palette for the vibrant colors found in the fresh fish poke.’” – The Architects Newspaper

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Abramson Teiger Architects is expanding their Washington Boulevard footprint with the latest addition to the highly popular Platform development which was also designed by ATA and opened in May of 2016. The new building will feature three stories of creative office space, ground floor retail and restaurants, and underground automated parking.

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"If you live in Southern California, or have been there in the last eight months, chances are you've spent some time in Culver City. The formerly sleepy destination is a serious hot spot as of late, due in large part to the opening of the 220,000-square-foot shopping mecca Platform. 'The design community has always had a large presence in the neighborhood,' says Abramson Teiger Architects Trevor Abramson, the mastermind behind the design of Platform. 'Lately there has been an emergence of high-end fashion brands, top restaurants and progressive tech companies, which has allowed us to develop bold and forward-thinking architecture to house their products and ideas.' Of course he's referring to the retail hub, which contains storefronts, as well as some offices, for such innovative brands as Sweetgreen and art galleries like Tappan Collective—all designed by the architect. Here, the architect shares with us his favorite spots to frequent." - LUXE Magazine Check out all of Trevor's picks in the November Issue of LUXE
"Daenerys has some new digs, and they’re much cooler than anything in King’s Landing. Actress Emilia Clarke has purchased a sun-drenched piece of Venice, CA real estate to the tune of $4.64 million. The new Venice, CA chapter of House Targaryen was built in 2009 and is a two-bedroom, three-bathroom spread measuring 2,817 square feet. The use of natural light was paramount in the design of the modern space — the architects at Abramson Teiger worked to bring light into every room, creating a sense of tranquility." - Forbes Magazine

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Abramson Teiger Architects is excited to announce the opening of the Glendale location of popular restaurant chain Mainland Poke Shop. It arrives in good company alongside other major eateries such as Shake Shack and Egg Slut, across from the Americana at Brand shopping center. This is the first of three restaurants that the ATA team is designing for the client, with additional locations opening in Marina del Rey and Santa Monica early next year.

Thoughtful details like a custom wood fish scale wall and geometric tiling offer branded subtleties that heighten the experience. A pop of light blue balances the mix of organic materials, especially seen in the custom made furniture that was also designed by Abramson Teiger. The design team has enjoyed the process of streamlining the brand from their original shop and creating a model for future locations.

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David Pascu, AIA is an Associate Principal at Abramson Teiger Architects and a father of three. He recently built a fort in the woods while on a hiking trip with his family, and he was asked to share expert tips with the online publication Fatherly.

"David Pascu, award-winning Associate Principal architect at Abramson Teiger Architects, has worked on everything from homes to schools to kicking the hipsters out of the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn and restoring it to its former glory. But the project his 4 and 8-year-old kids were most stoked about was the all-natural fort they made out in the woods during a camping trip ... Now he has some tips for you and your kid to make your own this weekend." - Fatherly.com

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Abramson Teiger Architects is excited to announce our most recent award for the Wyoming Residence, located in Jackson Hole. For over two decades, The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design has annually presented The American Architecture Awards to recognize ‘design excellence for the best and finest contributions to innovative contemporary American architecture.’ The design team at ATA is honored to have been chosen for the 2016 awards alongside some of our most influential peers and their notable projects.

“The winning projects are each stunning and provocative new additions to their urban and rural locations—authentic connections to nature and to the very cultures in which they coexist. The selected projects have a positive psychological effect on the communities in which they are built and in which they serve—every detail looks handcrafted; every facade contextualized; every plan, diagram, and section particularly and exquisitely well executed.” – The Chicago Athenaeum

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Weightless Style

Abramson Teiger Architects is honored to share their featured story in the current issue of Mountain Living Magazine. The Wyoming Residence was chosen for the August issue, which showcases homes with ultimate views. Our project in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was carefully integrated into the landscape for minimal site alteration of the sloping meadow and maximum views of the Teton Mountain Range.

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When British lifestyle designer Tom Dixon looked to open his first West Coast store, he made an interesting yet obvious choice to team up with Nevena Borissova of high-end fashion boutique Curve. Both retailers have stores in New York, and the two joined forces to create a merged concept store in LA. The unique space weaves home design and fashion in their shared bold and glamorous signature styles. Simply titled The Shop, the store is located at PLATFORM in Culver City, a new retail district designed by Abramson Teiger Architects. ATA served as executive architect for the 7,000 square foot space.

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Food Ethos in Design

Sweetgreen, a tech-savvy salad chain, wanted to bring their rapidly expanding corporate team to Los Angeles. They found their new home at PLATFORM in Culver City, a 220,000 square foot retail and creative office district, also designed by Abramson Teiger Architects.

Sweetgreen has a firm food philosophy in their restaurants – use only local and seasonal ingredients to support communities and encourage a healthy lifestyle. With this in mind, we were able to implement meaningful design features in their office. The free flowing layout and mobile workstations inspire collaboration and a lively office energy. Conference rooms were named and styled after the seasons to tie into their culinary ideology. An open kitchen houses butcher block islands and communal tables where employees can prepare and enjoy healthy lunches together.

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Celebrating Interior Design The ATA Interior Design Team will be taking part in the 2016 LCDQ LEGENDS Event, teaming up with art house Natural Curiosities to design their storefront window for the 3-day celebration. Top Interior Designers from around the world are invited to partner up with design stores on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles to showcase artistic interior concepts in their respective storefront windows. With an art-centric perspective, ATA designers Janice Francois and Kate Balfour translated artist Christopher Wilcox's one of a kind piece of art into a multi-dimensional conversation. The artwork was re-imagined on a new medium as ATA enlisted the expertise of MDC Walls to digitally print the graphic on semi-translucent acrylic panels. A single pendant light compliments with dramatic cord placement. A Gabriel Dean designed credenza makes a statement with walnut and brass. Together, the elements present a unified vision with perfect tension.
Cat Homes for Charity

The ATA team entered our “Cat Bowl” design for the cat house competition at this year’s Architects for Animals “Giving Shelter” event, held at the Herman Miller LA Showroom. We competed against a dozen of Los Angeles’s top design firms and won the highest honor of BEST DESIGN. All entries are auctioned off to benefit FixNation, a non-profit organization that provides resources for homeless cats. This is our second year taking part in this charitable event and we are thrilled to have contributed to such a virtuous cause.

Taking reference from a fish bowl, our "Cat Bowl" design was inspired by the Chinese yin-yang symbol. The fish make up the form while the cat rests inside, and the layers of the structure are spaced apart to allow the cat easy viewing to the outside while remaining safely hidden within. The multiple points of access and platforms allow the cat to use the house in a variety of ways. By letting the cat becomes the fish, we are giving the cat the freedom to see the world while safely being shielded from it.
The ATA team was recognized for design excellence at the 2015 American Institute of Architects San Fernando Valley Chapter Awards banquet held in Los Angeles. The AIA SFV awards celebrate outstanding architecture, acknowledging ATA for their work on the newly completed Cedars Sinai Urgent Care facility located in Culver City.

When Cedars Sinai approached ATA to design a new Urgent Care Center, we welcomed the opportunity to elevate the standard healthcare facility above and beyond the status quo. It was our foremost goal to create a highly functional space that serves the practical needs of the community, while advancing the typical medical environment to be less sterile and more welcoming.

We wanted the layout to feel expansive and open, but still encourage a flow that catered to the frequent and sensitive transitions of the patients and staff. We achieved this by directionally orienting visitors with turquoise fins that lead towards major pathways and darker wood accents that indicate key locations, such as check-in desks and nursing stations. High design elements were thoroughly considered in every material detail, such as sculptural LED light fixtures and plank flooring. The result is a distinctly streamlined space that gratifies both the client and the public it serves.

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The Lines That Define

Abramson Teiger Architects is honored to see their work showcased in a fourteen-page spread in the Summer Issue of LUXE Magazine. The Napoli Residence is located on a golf course in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. The sprawling home strikes a perfect balance between modern and traditional to satisfy the sophisticated mixed styles of the owners.

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