Temple Beth El


San Pedro, CA
24,240 sq ft
John Linden

Meaningful Facade

Temple Beth El is a synagogue and school located in San Pedro.  Their existing structure had many retro elements that the congregation was fond of, but they wanted to find a creative way to upgrade their space.

Abramson Architects’ design team extracted their new façade design from the existing Menorah imagery on the building. They extruded the pattern to create a more abstract and linear version.  The stone work around the new façade was also derivative of the classic Palos Verdes stone seen on the existing building.

The above drawings show the exterior elevations in each section of the project. The project scope included exterior façade, courtyard work and interior renovations to the social hall, classrooms, and office spaces.

To match the existing stained-glass work, they incorporated blue glass panels throughout.

Inside, the low ceilings were lifted and skylights were added.  By playing with larger volumes, the designers added depth and natural light to the space.