Tappan Collective


Culver City, CA
2,000 sq ft
Katie Gibbs
Benny Chan

 A Car Showroom Turned Art Gallery

Tappan Collective is a fresh and hip new art gallery in Culver City’s PLATFORM district, which was also designed by Abramson Architects. Prior to its transformation into a retail center, the PLATFORM project site existed as a car dealership. With excellent architectural bones and a bit of symbolism, we preserved the car showroom and turned it into an art gallery.

To add to the narrative, this particular building, which had been abandoned for some time, was covered in beautiful murals painted by street artists. These murals were extracted and preserved, now hanging on the walls of various collectors in Los Angeles.

Large scale windows open up to Washington Boulevard and the rest of the space was left as a clean canvas. Concrete floors and white walls are topped with an exposed wood ceiling that is intercut with architectural lighting and industrial style duct work.