Björn Schrader, Dipl-Ing, LEED AP

Associate Principal


“Don’t let your surrounding define you, define your surroundings”

Björn modernist approach to architecture is rooted in his scholastic analysis and attention to detail.  He is a compulsive problem solver who prefers to be challenged, striving to find the solution to seemingly unsolvable questions.  This way of thinking is echoed in his architectural mantra – don’t let your surroundings define you, define your surroundings.  Björn is a licensed architect in Germany, where he is a member of the Architektenkammer Niedersachsen (Chamber of Architecture of Lower Saxony).  He keeps in close contact with the European architectural community, allowing for an international exchange of ideas and technology.  Björn began his professional career as a Project Architect with the award winning firm Despang Architekten in Hannover, Germany.  There, he worked on various projects ranging from mixed-use developments to automobile showrooms.  He then went on to work for Leiska Partner Architects in their offices in Hamburg, Brunswick and Magdeburg. As a Project Manager and Architect, he was responsible for multiple commercial and institutional projects. He originally began working with Abramson Architects as a consultant in 2005, when he came to the US during his exploration of feasibility for an international architectural platform.  He soon realized his architectural dogma was highly aligned with that of the firm and he decided to join the team permanently.  At AA, Björn manages the project team that handles commercial ground-up buildings and retail. Some of his most notable achievements are PLATFORM, a 220,000 square foot mixed-use design district, a 118,000 square foot condominium building, and the development and implementation of a flagship design for an acclaimed apparel chain.


  • Masters Degree of Architecture – University of Hannover, Germany


  • “ALA Library for Banned Books” featured in the Hyde Chair of Excellence Exhibit at University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • “New Forms of Living in the Inner City” published by the S.T.E.R.N. GmbH Berlin, Germany
  • Received a Graduate Scholarship for a one-year graduate program at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln
  • Serves as a guest critic at the University of Southern California School of Architecture


Growing up in Germany, Björn was fascinated by American skyscrapers. He managed to find time to travel to 49 US states to see them (he has yet to make it to Hawaii) while still attending High School and University in Germany. He enjoyed the buildings, but mostly remembers getting lost in the prairies and running away from wild bison and rattle snakes.


310.838.8998 ext 209