Culver City, CA
1,600 sq ft
Benny Chan
Katie Gibbs

Trendy but Relaxed, Innovative but Familiar

Founded by the former fashion director of Bloomingdales, Magasin is a specialty retail store aimed at a well-informed American menswear consumer. The products are trendy but relaxed, innovative but familiar. The AA design team wanted the interior of his store to echo this style – specifically with a large scale live green wall. Polished concrete floors and clean white walls are juxtaposed with craftsman furniture and warm wood accents.

“Of the 1,600-square-foot store in Culver City’s just-opened Platform development, Peskowitz points out that the interior mimics their philosophy that high-tech and organic can coexist side by side. “There is an intersection between things that have an innovation to them but still have that handmade craftsmanship to them as well,” he said of the details. A planted wall has been placed in an otherwise austere environment; 25-foot ceilings and high windows shed natural light on concrete floors; and the space is punctuated by mid-century modern furniture, reclaimed wood, and antique Afghan rugs.”

– Vogue Magazine, March 2016