The Hangar at Farmdale


West Jefferson (Los Angeles, CA)
Creative Office
85,000 sq ft
In Design

Animating the Boulevard

Located on a corner lot in West Adams’ quickly transforming “Farmdale” neighborhood, The Hangar at Farmdale replaces an abandoned machine shop and parking lot with a creative office and restaurant building.


Taking cues from its relatively continuous post-industrial context, the base is an expansive masonry monolith, whose punched openings and material compositions articulate a pedestrian-scaled sidewalk experience.

Above, the hangar volume provides a flexible creative office environment that capitalizes on the site’s advantageous geographic orientation to optimize daylighting conditions. This strategy results in three distinct façade conditions that wrap novel fenestration techniques within a continuous tectonic skin.

Together, these two characteristic masses interact with an angular overlap that distributes building area so to promote outdoor activity along the emerging West Jefferson Boulevard pedestrian corridor.


Once complete, The Hangar will both catalyze and participate in the reanimation of the boulevard – providing a dynamic neighborhood amenity to current and future populations.

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