Hackman Higuera


Culver City, CA
Creative Office
77,000 sq ft
In Design

Finding Form and Function in a Warehouse Conversion

The existing two-story concrete office building and former home of a dental equipment supplier had few windows and no prescribed layout. The existing structure also had low ceilings and a sea of columns holding up the floor and roof, elements that are not conducive to a modern office environment. The AA design team converted this industrial wasteland into a creative office campus that weaves historical context into bold, fresh architecture. This spread depicts a series of design studies that eventually led to the realized conversion that houses the Beats by Dre Headquarters in Culver City.

By playing with negative space, the designers gave the building the architectural form and function it needed.  The concrete tilt up walls were saw cut to add large windows.  Saw tooth roofs were added to allow light to enter from above and to create dramatic interior volume. These vertical floor and roof perforations also act to create a sense of hierarchy and spatial cohesiveness through the two floors of the office building.

The exterior facade treatment provides a means to organize and prioritize the added windows and building entry points. This charismatic composition reflects the natural steel, concrete, and glass building materials seen throughout Culver City’s Hayden Tract.