Santa Monica, CA
1,700 sq ft
John Linden
Lars Frazer

A Science-Forward Skin Care Sanctuary

Committed to the science of skincare, Dermalogica offers industry leading products that focus on the technical aspects of the skin. The design team at Abramson Architects was inspired by this brand philosophy and looked to human skin for inspiration. By studying the face – how it moves, how it functions – they came up with a concept of three pods that represent their findings.

The interior is designed in a movement sequence that takes the client from the entry through the product displays and continues to spiral around the three pods that house the treatment rooms. It is a progression from the active public zone to the quiet, tranquil and private areas of the pods.

The color palette was inspired by the relationship of human skin to nature. The play of light across undulating surfaces reflects this living quality and draws the eye smoothly toward products and services in a non-confrontational manner. The white surfaces glow like healthy skin and play against the other natural materials to create a soothing atmosphere.