Aaron Milken Center at WISE


Los Angeles, CA
In Design

Community and Child-Centered Design

Stephen Wise Temple has been a pioneer in education for over five decades. The Aaron Milken Center represents yet another transormational opportunity, one that ensures a vibrant future as they build a meaningful foundation for their children to grown and thrive. Abramson Architects was selected for this legacy-making project based on their “inspired creativity and depth of experience in both Early Childhood Education design and Jewish institutional projects”.

A thoughtful construction plan maximizes the beautiful hilltop campus with state-of-the-art facilities and a sense of connection with the natural world. Vibrant interior spaces foster growth and learning for the innovative communities’ children in a nurturing environment for parents and families alike.

Common spaces for gathering provide places for parents to sit with their child in those moments before separating for the day and again after school to share in the day’s events. Unique outdoor spaces include a sensory garden, vegetable gardens, spots for water-sand-mud play, climbing structures, and more.

Inside, classrooms are flooded with natural light via floor to ceiling windows and skylights. The design also features an art studio and music rooms aimed at integrating learning into the school in a thoughtful and consistent way.

Abramson Architects is delivering creatively designed classrooms and outdoor experiences that lend themselves to discovery, exploration, and collaborative learning. The sense of wonder fostered in these spaces will positively impact the quality of the students’ work as they move throughout their day.